June 2, 2017



Whether it is getting your campaign registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), filing your required periodic financial reports or managing contributions and disbursements, compliance can be one of the most time-consuming and frustrating aspects of managing a campaign. We have the expertise to streamline your operation and keep you and your staff compliant.

Internal Controls and Procedures
Developing internal controls and procedures (ICPs) is an arduous process. However, the best campaigns know the importance of well written ICPs. From receiving campaign contributions to filing compliance reports, we create a step by step process for all compliance related activities that your entire staff can easily follow.


Contributions and Disbursements
Our contribution and disbursement management process provides the necessary components to effectively control and track transactions by check, credit card, cash, Bitcoin, etc. Guidelines for contributions and disbursements are continuously monitored.


Bank Reconciliation
We provide monthly bank reconciliation reports to the campaign. These reports include reconciling your bank balance to your campaign book balance and detailing out your list of outstanding checks and deposits in-transit. Completing these internal monthly reports make filing your quarterly FEC reports (which we do as well) much less daunting.


Campaign Finance & Legal Guidance
What’s a Super PAC? What’s a PAC? Is there a difference? Is it legal to set up my own Super PAC? How much money can my campaign raise from either entity? Can I accept money from a corporation? Can I contribute my own money to my campaign? How much? What’s Citizens United? You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers.


General Consulting

At the outset of our involvement with your campaign, we will review existing campaign processes, tactics and overarching strategy, and we will provide recommendations going forward for improvement across the board.

Campaign Strategic Plan Development
  • Your purpose and your campaign’s objectives
  • An honest and realistic budget
  • A detailed month-by-month timeline for all campaign activities
  • A winning field strategy and plan of attack
  • Staff roles and responsibilities

In short, where will your campaign prioritize its limited resources? And, if there’s a path to victory, what does that path look like?


Fundraising Support

How/where do I start? Where does my campaign seed funding come from? Do I really have to ask people for money? How do I make an effective ask? What are the most commonly used best practices? How do I set realistic goals, and what are the practical metrics I should track? Again, we’ve got you covered.


Introductions to World Class Vendors
  • Data & targeting
  • Digital advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Polling
  • Communications


Bottom line, we help our clients become the very best candidates they can be, and we ensure their campaigns evolve into highly competitive endeavors that (1) put them in a position to win and (2) they can look back on and be proud of.