June 2, 2017

Our Story

Evolt Consulting Group (ECG) was founded in 2016 with the honest mission of getting intelligent, high-character leaders elected to public office.

Founder and CEO, Jeffrey Carson:

I just couldn’t take it anymore. I felt like somebody had to step up and level the playing field for the good guys. Politics had become so polarizing, so disingenuous, so unproductive, so ridiculous! How were we supposed to meaningfully address the myriad of serious challenges we faced without getting some adults in the room?

This is not about team red vs. team blue. It’s not about allegiance to this special interest group or that special interest group. It’s not about having a singular unwavering focus on one’s reelection campaign. It’s not rocket science!

It’s about who’s willing to sit down with another human being, have an honest exchange of ideas, find common ground and solve a complicated problem by making a politically difficult decision. In short, who’s willing to put others’ needs before their own? Who wants to serve?

These are the people we need in office. ECG exists to help them get there.


jeffrey carson

Jeffrey Carson
Founder & CEO

A true student of the world, having lived abroad for over 15 years and traveled to more than 50 countries, Jeff brings a unique perspective and valuable expertise to Evolt Consulting Group. In this past election cycle (2016), he and his team worked on eight different federal campaigns: five congressional and three presidential.

Prior to founding Evolt, he served as director of operations for Run for America, a bipartisan political consulting firm striving to recruit, train and work to elect a new generation of leaders to Congress. Additionally, he ran for Congress, himself, in Virginia’s 8th district in 2014.

Jeff’s also a former U.S. Army Captain and Iraq vet. After his time in uniform, he spent three years in the private sector, first working as a contractor and team leader on a confidential project for Google and then in business operations and product development for Asurion.

His ultimate aim is to inspire a new generation of servant leaders to proactively engage in the political arena. By working to break through party lines, disrupt the status quo and positively transform the entrenched, pay-for-play political landscape in Washington, he hopes to do just that. He holds a BS from Florida State University and an MBA from Texas Tech University.