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Evolt Consulting Group LLC offers a broad range of political consulting services
for candidates running for local, state and federal office.
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General Consulting

At the outset of our involvement with your campaign, we will review existing campaign processes, tactics and overarching strategy, and we will provide recommendations going forward for improvement across the board.

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Whether it is getting your campaign registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), filing your required periodic financial reports or managing contributions and disbursements, we keep you and your staff compliant.

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How/where do I start? Where does my campaign seed funding come from? Do I really have to ask people for money? How do I make an effective ask? What are the most commonly used best practices? Again, we’ve got you covered.

Our Why

Evolt Consulting Group (ECG) was founded in 2016 with the honest mission of
getting intelligent, high-character leaders elected to public office.

“I just couldn’t take it anymore. I felt like somebody had to step up and level the playing field for the good guys. Politics had become so polarizing, so disingenuous, so unproductive, so ridiculous! How were we supposed to meaningfully address the myriad of serious challenges we faced without getting some adults in the room?

This is not about team red vs. team blue. It’s not about allegiance to this special interest group or that special interest group. It’s not about having a singular unwavering focus on one’s reelection campaign. It’s not rocket science!

It’s about who’s willing to sit down with another human being, have an honest exchange of ideas, find common ground and solve a complicated problem by making a politically difficult decision. In short, who’s willing to put others’ needs before their own? Who wants to serve?

These are the people we need in office. ECG exists to help them get there.”
- Founder and CEO, Jeffrey Carson

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